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Maritime Industry

MARI is your partner for shipbuilding and -repair, inland navigation and naval technology. We provide all the right vibration, flow and sealing technology that is essential to meet your industry’s high productivity and safety demands. 

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Our maritime portfolio reflects decades of experience in shipbuilding. Face your challenges in shipbuilding and repair with our comprehensive product range, flexibility and competitive pricing.

We offer competitively priced, high quality products for shipbuilding and repair with short delivery times. Throughout the entire lifecycle of the ship MARI keeps you ahead by ensuring optimal operation and minimizing downtime. Our products ensure safety and comfort on board, while lowering maintenance cost at the same time.


Cost-efficiency and competitiveness, reliability through quality, as well as greater comfort and safety.

MARI cooperates closely with customers all over the world. We supply and develop competitive products and solutions that enables the shipbuilding industry to operate more efficiently.

Our product range includes off-the-shelf and custom-made vibration isolators, expansion joints, industrial-grade hoses and sealings. 

Inland Navigation

Inland navigation plays an important role in modern logistics. It links the largest seaports to distribution hubs and production plants on the mainland. 

With decades of experience, MARI understands the challenges of operators and fleet owners on the inland waterway infrastructure.

We meet the specific demands of clients, by offering short delivery times, a broad portfolio and being service-oriented and flexible.

Naval Technology

High operational availability, low lifecycle costs and excellent service levels for MoD's, shipyards and other naval solution providers.

MARI offers innovative, robust and safe solutions that offer protection against shock and the harsh (combat) conditions at sea.

We provide standard components through NATO Stock Numbers, as well as high-quality special naval products at competitive price levels. We help you meet the military standards and supply demands imposed by MoD's worldwide.

MARI keeps you ahead.