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Our offshore portfolio reflects decades of experience in offshore and dredging. Increase your utilization while improving occupational health and safety with our comprehensive product range, flexibility and competitive pricing.

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MARI is your partner for both standard products as well as complex, custom offshore solutions. Our technology and capabilities enable cost-effective, reliable and safe operation for all offshore tasks. We continuously improve our solutions through combining cutting-edge sensor technology with our standard vibration, flow and sealing products.


The continuously rising demand for oil and gas requires new production from less traditional resources, in which operational availability, safety and the environment remain crucial.

The reliability and durability of our components enable maximization of production rates, while safeguarding occupational health and the environment.

MARI develops offshore-specific solutions with ease-of-installation, compatibility and exchangeability in mind. We also offer a wide range of high-quality standard components for vibration, flow and sealing technology.


Ports and waterways are expanded to keep up with the increase in maritime transport and large container ships. The modern dredging vessels and equipment that facilitate this expansion require durable and reliable components.

MARI provides the dredging industry with heavy duty bearings, expansion joints and advanced sealing solutions that last under harsh conditions the industry is notorious for. Our products help to maximize the utilization rates of your dredging equipment.

Our wide range of standard products and capabilities to develop industry-specific components at competitive price levels, make us an ideal supplier for the modernization and cost-effective maintenance of your fleet.


Wind energy plays an increasingly important role in the way our world is powered. The installation, exploitation and maintenance of wind turbines poses demands specific knowledge and capabilities of suppliers.

The quality of critical components that seal and damp wind turbine installations strongly define the return on investment. MARI antivibration and sealing technology protect these sustainable energy solutions.

All our vibration and sealing products are developed according the highest standards and with ease of installation and durability in mind.

MARI keeps you ahead.