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Railway Industry

With rolling stock clocking up millions of kilometers during multiple decades of service, the right service and products are essential. Through our wide range of aftermarket products and innovative solutions for rolling stock, MARI ensures cost-effective maintenance and operational availability.

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Together with our strategic partners, MARI provides replacement parts for (OEM) components, services to lower TCO and on-site assistance to troubleshoot and repair equipment. Our focus on aftermarket products and solutions is underlined by our excellent service levels to meet your demands. With high quality components, our flexibility and strategic stock-keeping MARI sets the new standard for the aftermarket. A standard that pays off in providing flawless transportation services at lower operational cost.

Wheel Tyres

Being critical for both safety and operational cost of rolling stock, the quality of wheels and tyres is considered of great importance by railway operators worldwide. MARI adds value by delivering high quality wheel tyres at the highest service levels for major public transportation companies.

The wheel tyres of Naledi Ringrollers are used worldwide and renowned for their reliability and durability. Their excellent metallurgic properties minimize wear-and-tear of the tyre and the infratructure it runs on. The properties can even be customized for clients to meet specific applications and operating conditions. MARI and Naledi Ringrollers' combined knowledge and experience allow the TCO to be lowered significantly. 

Resilient Wheels

The mileage and overall performance of resilient wheels is strongly influenced by the quality of the wheel tyre and the elastomer product it is fitted with. Optimal performance can only be achieved when these important components are assessed in combination.

Together with our strategic business partners Naledi Ringrollers and Angst+Pfister, MARI develops well-attuned resilient wheels. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of high quality wheel tyres, rubber blocks and V-shaped rings that are competitive in terms of both performance and cost. And even better when used in combination.

Full Service

Planning operation, maintenance and optimizing utilization of rolling stock and equipment can be very challenging. MARI offers all the flexibility that is required for the most demanding situations and circumstances.

High quality, well-attuned resilient wheel sets can be supplied according to the highest service levels available in the market. With strategic stock-keeping, clever logistics, on-site support and complete assembly services, our clients can rest assured that their operations can continue flawlessly.

MARI keeps you ahead.