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Flow technology

Our flow technology portfolio covers competitive products that guide fluids and (exhaust) gases, while isolating vibration and accommodating motion. Whether you are looking for stainless steel or rubber expansion joints, silicone bellows or industrial hoses: MARI can supply you with the optimal component for your application.

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Pipelines in maritime and offshore applications such as exhaust lines, cooling and air supply systems often transfer structure-borne noise and vibration. In addition, they are also exposed to fluctuating temperatures, forces and motion - which in turn affects the need for maintenance.

Our flow technology products help you to prevent and overcome stress in pipeline systems, and increase comfort on board by isolating vibration and noise. We offer high quality components of renowned brands carry various type approvals and ease the certification of your ship. 

Rubber expansion joints

The Elaflex ERV product range is renowned for its high quality, which is underlined by numerous type approvals. These reliable rubber compensators guide fluids and gases, while isolating vibration, reducing noise and compensating axial, lateral and angular movements. 

MARI offers Elaflex ERV expansion joints for various media, ranging from drinking water to  sea water and mineral oil to aggressive chemicals. All rubber expansion joints can be fully customized with various flanges and accessoiries.

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Stainless steel expansion joints

Our range of stainless steel expansion joints are available in a wide range of nominal diameters, for all of which both flanged versions as well as weld ends are available. Type approvals include DNV GL and Bureau Veritas.

Custom expansion joints / manufacturing to specification available upon request. 

Silicone bellows

Our silicone bellows are a cost-effective solution for vibration problems or to achieve flexibility in relatively small pipeline systems under lower pressures (typically < 4 bar).

MARI offers affordable bellows with various linings for applications like air supply and cooling water systems and pipelines for oil and other chemicals.

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