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Sealing technology

Our extensive sealing portfolio consists of a wide range of standard sealing products like o-rings, hydraulic/pneumatic seals, flat gaskets and elastomer profiles. For specific sealing needs MARI also develops custom-made seals according to your application requirements.

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Our experience in the engineering and manufacturing of elastomer-based products add value to every business facing noise and vibration challenges. MARI uses her capabilities to develop high-quality components that meet your specific requirements. With competitive price levels, even for smaller batches, we enable you to lower the cost of your operations.


O-Rings offer excellent sealing properties
and for both static and dynamic applications. Available in various sizes and materials for use with different fluids and gases.

Hydraulic seals

MARI offers a wide range of seal designs for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Specific application requirements such as temperature, speed, friction and leak-integrity are fulfilled through the use of various high-quality compounds.

Flat gaskets

Gaskets are an excellent sealing solution for liquids and exhaust gases.

We provide the optimal gaskets for your application by taking into account media, temperatures and pressure.

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