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Special Products

The specific knowledge and capabilities of MARI are also applied for the development of products for other market segments. Whether you are looking for a custom-made product or a compatible aftermarket alternative for your current components: MARI is your partner.

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Our experience in the engineering and manufacturing of elastomer-based products add value to every business facing noise and vibration challenges. MARI uses her capabilities to develop high-quality components that meet your specific requirements. With competitive price levels, even for smaller batches, we enable you to lower the cost of your operations.


MARI provides advanced engineering services for clients in various market segments. Together with strategic partners, our R&D engineers design and develop new solutions that are applied worldwide.

State-of-the-art technology and methodology support us in achieving the optimal result. Clients worldwide rely on decades of experience in the engineering of elastomer-based products.


Excellent products require excellent knowledge of manufacturing processes, tools and accompanying skills. Tool design, metal surface preparation and forming, vulcanization and compounding.

By mastering all essential disciplines and partnering with best-of-class specialists, we are able to provide clients with constant quality at competitive price levels, even for smaller series.


Whether used for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring or the control of components: sensors and actuators play an increasingly important role in all industries.

In cooperation with leading technology partners we develop complete digital solutions for complex challenges. Our ability to measure, predict and control the behaviour of (critical) business assets and products provide you with new business insight and competitive advantage.

MARI keeps you ahead.