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Vibration Technology

MARI's vibration portfolio consists of affordable solutions for all challenges in the area of vibration, shock and structural noise. Our simple, durable and cost-effective anti-vibration products allow your equipment to run more smoothly and minimize maintenance and down-time.

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We offer a wide range of standard products like vibration isolators, buffers and insulating materials that isolate shock and vibration, decrease noise and accommodate motion. To achieve the optimal result for demanding applications with specific requirements MARI also develops custom-made anti-vibration products.

Anti-vibration Mounts

Vibration mounts for static and dynamic applications, leveling vibration mounts for a wide range of maritime and offshore applications. 

Our portfolio contains a wide range of marine engine and generator mounts, machines mounts and conical bearings. 

Buffers and bushings

An extensive range of affordable round buffers and stop buffers that solve basic vibration isolation issues. Each buffer has its own spring characteristics, dimensions, hardness and fastening method.

Applications include the vibration-free mounting of equipment and fixation.


Elastomer-based mats effectively reduce acoustic emissions and mechanical vibrations induced by rotating equipment.

Insulating mats can be applied as a cost-effective solution for a wide range of vibration issues in engine rooms, deck floors etc. Other applications include slipping prevention of staff and cargo.

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